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Hi, welcome to the Knocknock: Tell Your Story testing family

Get To Know Someone, Not Only From Their Perspective, But Also From The Perspective Of Others! Knocknock is a fun new app that uses innovative features, along with proven popular ones to create an original take on what a social platform is. All users are able to POST stories, pictures and EDIT information on other user profiles. As a result, Knocknock has more complete and authentic user profiles than ever before! AUTHENTICITY •Connect with users in a more authentic way (no politics, news, or endorsements)! Nowadays, social platforms are plagued by filters, and photo-editing apps. Not at Knocknock. At Knocknock, we focus on all facets of life, not just the highlights. SHARING •Celebrate the memories of family and friends. At Knocknock, we believe everyone deserves to have their story told. Users can edit, post to, or EVEN CREATE other user profiles. On Knocknock you will experience a different type of connection with family and friends than on any other platform. CONTROL •Don’t worry, you are still in control. You receive notifications whenever another user has posted to or edited your profile. Even though others can post stories, pictures and/or edit information on your profile, you maintain the ability to delete anything on your page, even if it has been written or posted by another user.

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